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What Fairbit Academy can do for you

Fairbit Academy provides a two-day EMV training courses that cover the latest EMV payment trends and best practices in global payment technology and payment business.
Who’s attending?

This training is an in-house EMV education program suitable for CEO, CFO, COO, Business Development, Sales, Product Development, Marketing, payment system professionals, IT teams, operation teams, business leaders, decision-makers, project managers, system analysts, and developers.

Who can attend

Acquirers, issuers, personalization bureaus, card manufacturers, payment system integrators, card and terminal vendors, third party processors, payfacs
EMV Course for Executives

Top Executive Level Banker course is designed for banking executives also. It provides a high-level review of EMV methods, compliance, implementation, business benefits, market dynamics, and opportunities about the adoption of EMV in Canada and the United States. It is an introduction to EMV from a banking executive's perspective.

EMV/NFC Technical Course

The technical training course focuses on end to end migration to MChip Contact and Contactless standards for acquiring and issuing institutions.

The Fundamentals of EMV

Contactless, and NFC Mobile Training This comprehensive EMV & Contactless & NFC Mobile training course covers the fast-developing payment technologies world. This in-depth course covers critical growth areas, EMV, Contactless, and Mobile NFC developments

Mobile and EMV/NFC Payments Course

Covers the rapidly emerging mobile/NFC payment world. The course walks students through the fast-growing yet complex world of mobile payment technologies.

EMV Level 2 Terminal Transaction Flow

Terminal manufacturers, who want to know about the flow of EMV and contactless transaction, EMV and contactless parameters and data elements can benefit from EMV training. During the training all items related with terminal are explained in detail.
  • Card and terminal transaction flow,
  • Security, algorithms
  • Acquiring and issuing systems.
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Basics of EMV standards to give attendees a high level understanding of EMV topics and benefits in general.

A business session focusing on business benefits, market dynamics and opportunities of EMV after providing an introduction to EMV.

Mid-level technical training on EMV and mostly focusing on processes, procedures, certifications and migration issues, except deep technical details.

Deep technical details on the card and terminal transaction flow, security, algorithms and acquiring and issuing systems. EMV Technical is designed for experts.