Why to Outsource EMV L3 Certification

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EMV L3 Certification is a challenging process : EMV L3 test scenarios need many different payment components to satisfy scheme rules L3 certification remains the main bottleneck for payment solution providers for a quite a while. The fact that payment platform components and scheme rules always keep changing makes the L3 certification a major blockage. […]

How To Troubleshoot EMV Field Issues Better

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Although EMV technology brings a lot of advantages, one side effect with it is the increasing number of field issues and complications of management of them. The field issue means that there is something unusual during an EMV contact/contactless transaction which may potentially be the reason for a transaction decline or negative user experience. Field issues may be on a wide range, from a simple incorrect message on the terminal screen, a frozen terminal screen, card reading issues, delay in the transaction time, or frequent declines of transactions.