Fairbit, a California-based solution provider of SoftPOS Visa Solution and EMV Level 2 kernel on the cloud, is happy to announce that it has been granted Visa Ready Tap to Phone Level 2 certification for the “Fairbit Kernel-on-the-Cloud” product. The certification is given on a worldwide basis enabling Fairbit to offer the solution in different markets. With this certification, Fairbit achieved a significant milestone to provide a SoftPOS solution globally

Contactless payments with a contactless card, payment-enabled mobile, or wearable device at a contactless-enabled checkout terminal, are witnessing increasing adoption. While safety was crucial in adopting contactless payments in 2020, convenience, ease to use, and simplicity will be the main reason for further market penetration in the following years. Businesses that create awareness around their contactless payment acceptance will win more customers and be better positioned for growth.

With Fairbit SoftPOS, any merchant can offer secure and convenient contactless consumer experiences using a mobile phone or any other Android device with an NFC interface. The solution uses the NFC interface of the mobile phone to accept contactless payment. Fairbit EMV Kernel-on-the-Cloud can instantly activate EMV service on the mobile phone without the burdens of hardware-based solutions.

Fairbit’s leading-edge technology enables any business to become a SoftPOS payment solution provider easing the integration and reducing the development resources. The solution democratizes point-of-sale technology by minimizing the investment and effort needed to get into the payment business.

Fairbit SoftPOS solution moves EMV payment processing intelligence and security-related functions from POS terminal to cloud. The solution runs on the Google Cloud platform leveraging the full advantage of cloud technology. It is designed to instantly update EMV kernel and EMV parameters without downloading to terminals.

Cloud-based EMV Level 2 kernel offers numerous benefits. Having all EMV transaction data in the cloud provides an excellent opportunity for data analytics, monitoring, and reporting. SoftPOS solution provides real-time monitoring of EMV transaction data (EMV tags, APDUs, etc.), enabling payment vendors to be notified about transaction issues immediately in real-time. It provides advanced reporting and monitoring services to the benefit of payment terminal vendors, merchants, acquirers, and other players in the payment industry.

Fairbit provides SDK to payment solution providers to seamlessly integrate SoftPOS solution to their POS platform. With a few calls of Fairbit SDK APIs, any POS solution can quickly transform into a SoftPOS. Payment companies may focus on developing their payment applications without worrying about EMV Level 2 certification, account data encryption, and key injection. Any POS solution provider can easily start EMV contactless transaction acceptance on Android phones immediately with their own POS application.

Fairbit SDK is developed to support global and U.S specific business cases such as U.S Common Debit AID prioritization and Selectable Kernel. Extensive callback functions give flexibility to POS applications to implement different flows to adapt to different market needs. The solution supports all CVM methods, including Online PIN, Signature, and CD CVM. EMV Contactless Level 2 kernel is optimized to achieve the best transaction speed.

Ozgur Altuntas, managing director at Fairbit, commented that “We are thrilled to get Visa Tap to Phone certification for our SoftPOS solution. It is one of the first cloud-based EMV Level 2 kernel certification globally. With this certification, we will accelerate our business activities in the U.S and other markets with a certified SoftPOS solution. With the latest advancements in the payment industry, the POS sector has started to shift to SoftPOS technologies.

Fairbit SoftPOS solution turns any NFC-enabled Android mobile device into a working point of sale or acceptance device. No other technology is needed. No hardware investment is needed. Merchants download an app from an app store, and they can easily start accepting contactless EMV payments in a secure, touch-less, and convenient experience for customers.”