How to Optimize EMV L3 Certification


EMV L3 Certification, a Major Challenge Failing to complete EMV L3 certification can indeed have significant consequences for payment companies : Delayed time to market, loss of customers, reputational damage and competitive disadvantage are just a few to count. Why EMV L3 ? EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) Level 3 (L3) certification is a critical […]

Hardware Agnostic POS Platform with Cloud Kernel


Increasing Merchant Needs for POS Hardware Providing a variety of hardware options to cater to different merchant needs is essential for a well-rounded and successful POS platform. Merchants can vary significantly in terms of their size, business verticals, mobility requirements, and other factors. POS platforms should support a wide range of hardware form factors, such […]

Why to Outsource Payment Systems Development

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Don’t be late for emerging payment technologies The payment market has witnessed new trends in recent years, and omni-commerce has emerged as an important concept. Omni-commerce refers to the integration of in-store, online, and channel-based payments into a single platform, providing a unified payment experience for customers across various touchpoints. Along with omni-commerce, other emerging card […]

Why to Outsource EMV L3 Certification

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EMV L3 Certification is a challenging process : EMV L3 test scenarios need many different payment components to satisfy scheme rules L3 certification remains the main bottleneck for payment solution providers for a quite a while. The fact that payment platform components and scheme rules always keep changing makes the L3 certification a major blockage. […]

Extended TVR : Real Time Detection of Transaction Issues 


Extended TVR helps you to find out transaction issues in a short time for your POS terminals. POS systems are getting more complicated each day. There are many EMV kernels, new use cases (i.e tap to phone) and new form factors (i.e tablets, card readers, and phones) contributing to this complexity. With all these advancements, […]

How to Achieve EMV Level 3 Certification Quickly


EMV Level 3 Certification, a Pain Point for POS Vendors and Acquirers EMV Level 3 certification is a mandatory requirement for any payment acceptance device. Once device hardware is certified for EMV L1 and L2, then it should go through EMV Level 3 certification for each card brand. And this certification should be repeated for […]

Cloud Kernel vs Embedded Kernel

Payment Business At The Edge : Cloud Kernel vs Embedded Kernel Payment business is going through significant changes recently. Increasing security concerns, cost reduction and new use cases are driving the change. New entrants and existing providers are seeking for smarter yet cost-effective payment devices to address new market needs.  There are many new trends […]


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February 25, 2022 Fairbit, a California-based SoftPOS Solution provider, is happy to announce that it received Mastercard Tap on Phone EMV Level 2 certification for the “Fairbit Kernel-on-the-Cloud” product. With this certification, Fairbit achieved another significant milestone to enable the company to offer the best technology to its customers. Fairbit’s Mastercard certified SoftPOS solution enables […]

SoftPOS iOS, Does it Mark Beginning of a New Era

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SoftPOS technology has growth fairly slow since its initial launch . One of the biggest challenges to the widespread adoption of software point of sale (SoftPOS), was that up until now, it was not supported by iOS operating systems. However, Apple’s recent announcement on SoftPOS iOS will potentially be a major milestone for the market […]

EMV cloud kernel offers enormous advantages for SoftPOS

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Do you know the Fairbit SoftPOS solution can support additional card brands without changing the SoftPOS app on the mobile phone? Do you know you can change contactless CVM limits without pushing these parameters to the mobile phone? Do you know you can integrate different kinds of hardware devices to the same EMV cloud service […]