SoftPOS SDK enables ISOs, ISVs, payment facilitators, and acquirers to quickly deploy a SoftPOS solution integrated into their own POS systems


Simplify payment acceptance

SoftPOS SDK enables ISOs, ISVs, payment facilitators, and acquirers to quickly deploy a SoftPOS solution integrated into their own POS systems. The SDK abstracts POS applications from complexities of EMV and PCI security requirements while giving maximum flexibility to customize the payment transaction flow and user experience. You are familiar with mPOS SDK if you have integrated your mobile app with an mPOS solution. SoftPOS SDK has similar APIs and you can easily integrate your existing mobile POS app into the SDK. We will provide you with the source code of integration examples as well as SDK documentation.

State of the art design to give maximum control on payment flows

SoftPOS SDK gives maximum flexibility to the SoftPOS android POS app to control the transaction flow. There might be brand-related or domestic payment requirements where this may be needed. SoftPOS android app can request from the SoftPOS SDK to give back the control in various transaction steps to implement special features like cashback, forcing PIN, or U.S Common Debit. SoftPOS android app also has full control over the user experience and user interfaces.


Frictionless payment experience

In hardware-based POS solutions, it is quite common to have a hardware-related issue, such as a freezing screen, missing EMV config file, incorrect release, or a non-functional card reader. SoftPOS solution doesn’t depend on any hardware other than the android phone hardware and operating system. SoftPOS solution is designed with a cloud-based architecture by eliminating hardware-related problems and offering a frictionless payment experience.

Certified EMV kernels

SoftPOS SDK includes cloud-based and certified EMV kernels. This eliminates you from the burdens of the EMV certification process. Fairbit already received EMV L2 certifications. You don’t need to repeat the certification for your POS solution.

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Advanced parameters

SoftPOS SDK offers an advanced set of parameters to the SoftPOS android POS app to control the flow of payment transactions. POS app can define the EMV tags to be sent back by the SDK. POS app can define EMV steps to get control of the transaction. Fairbit’s web-based EMV parameter management portal helps you to easily define and change EMV terminal parameters. There are many more advanced parameters to meet different business requirements and give the POS app maximum flexibility.

Secure transactions

SoftPOS SDK includes software-hardened encryption methods to ensure the security of the account data and PIN. These encryption methods rely on white-box crypto, a highly secure encryption method meeting PCI CPOC encryption requirements. Fairbit SoftPOS solution meets PCI CPOC requirements and it is hosted in a PCI-DSS certified environment. This ensures the security of the account data, PIN, and other sensitive information.


Best Performance

Fairbit EMV cloud architecture is designed to provide the best performance. SoftPOS solution is designed to minimize the data exchange between the SDK and cloud. As per the certification lab’s report, the kernel performs the transaction in less than 400 milliseconds.

Attestation and monitoring

SoftPOS SDK includes an attestation client module to integrate to the Fairbit attestation and monitoring service for health checks and fraud controls. This ensures any suspicious activities on the device to be monitored and detected in real-time. The SDK may be inactivated or suspended by the attestation service if fraud or suspicious case is detected.

report monitoring
cloud key

Simplified key injection

The key injection process is a hassle for hardware-based POS solutions. SoftPOS SDK eliminates the complexities of the key injection process. The solution is integrated into a cloud-based acquirer key management service. Acquirer keys are never downloaded to the mobile phone.

Seamless integration to POS backend

SoftPOS SDK provides APIs to register and authenticate the POS backend systems. This process ensures the authenticity of the SDK as a trusted app. Using the registration APIs, the SDK validates the authenticity of the POS platform.


Simplified EMV terminal parameter management

SoftPOS SDK offers great flexibility for TMS systems to define which EMV configuration file and version to be used in the transaction. POS application calls the API of the SDK and informs the EMV configuration information. Fairbit also provides a web-based EMV configuration management service.

Monitoring EMV transaction data

SoftPOS SDK sends APDU commands to the cloud to process an EMV transaction. This data is also used for advanced transaction monitoring, reporting, and fraud controls. The security of the data is ensured by PCI CPOC compliant encryption and PCI DSS certified hosting.