EMV Kernel-on-the-Cloud

EMV Kernel-On-The-Cloud enables any device whether it is a POS terminal, card reader, mobile phone, or tablet to accept card-present EMV contact and contactless transactions.

Get rid of all hassles with your POS hardware by moving the EMV kernel to cloud.


Reduce Certification Cost and Duration Drastically

EMV L2 Kernel certification is very costly and time-consuming process. You can reduce the certification cost and duration significantly with Fairbit Cloud Kernel. See business use case to get an idea.

cloud kernel table

Note 1: Prices are indicative average cost of 5 kernels on a hardware including the certification and implementation

Note 2: It is assumed that Embedded and Cloud kernels have the same scope hence a similar cost for the first hardware


Simplify payment acceptance

Cloud EMV kernel makes it easier for you to build a cost-effective point of sale device or run your POS software on mobile phones. It helps you get rid of POS hardware issues and focus on value-added applications and customer satisfaction.

Transform POS devices into simple card readers

Traditionally, EMV level 2 kernel applications always ran within the POS hardware. Fairbit’s cloud based EMV level 2 kernel changes the traditional model in a way that kernel application runs on the cloud. With the cloud EMV, the POS terminal turns into a simple card reader just to manage user experience and card communication.


Turn mobile phones into payment acceptance devices

Cloud EMV kernel is certified on android mobile phones to turn the phones into payment acceptance devices. The solution eliminates the need for external hardware as android phones have an internal NFC antenna.

Simplify the integration with EMV kernel SDK

Fairbit EMV kernel SDK is a library on the payment terminal running as integrated into the cloud EMV kernel APIs. The SDK abstracts the POS application from EMV complexities. It provides POS applications flexibility to manage their own payment transaction flow, user experience, and payment gateway integration. SDK APIs give the maximum control to POS applications to implement special payment flows.

emv control
emv kernel

EMV compliance

Cloud EMV kernel performs the EMV payment functionality as defined by EMVCo and payment schemes. EMV compliance has always been a costly, time-consuming process. With the cloud solution, no need to worry about it. As EMV level 2 kernel runs on the cloud, there is no need for repeated certification efforts for new hardware devices. This makes EMV compliance very easy and reduces the certification costs significantly.

Advanced transaction monitoring

Cloud EMV kernel gets all EMV transaction data in real-time on the cloud and uses it for monitoring, reporting, and fraud prevention purposes. Transaction data is used for monitoring transaction trends (i.e mobile wallet, PINless transactions), to analyze reasons for transaction declines, to figure out negative user experiences, and so forth.

Advanced Transaction Monitoring

Web-based EMV terminal parameter management

In the traditional POS terminals, EMV terminal parameters are downloaded to POS devices. You need to update all POS devices in the field even for a small parameter change. Fairbit solution maintains all EMV terminal parameters on the cloud. It includes a web portal to update those parameters. You don’t need to worry anymore about downloading process.