EMV Kernel-on-the-Cloud

Readers turn into a simple device.

Fairbit EMVKernel-on-the-Cloud,
the reader turns into a simple device

Traditionally, EMV Level 2 kernel application runs in the POS hardware. Fairbit solution changes traditional model such that EMV Level 2 kernel application runs on the cloud (EMVKernel-on-the-Cloud). This enables any device, whether it is a POS terminal, mobile phone, or a tablet to accept card-present EMV contact and contactless transactions. With EMVKernel-on-the-Cloud, the reader turns into a simple device only to manage user experience and card communication.

Fairbit APIs simplify the
integration of payment terminal​

Fairbit solution makes it easier to build your point of sale, develop your payment application, and own your card-present payment experience. Fairbit APIs simplify the integration of payment terminal to the cloud services.

The EMVKernel-on-the-Cloud application performs
EMV functionality to process the transaction

Kernel-in-the-Cloud performs the EMV payment functionality as defined by EMVCo and payment schemes, which are EMVCo contact, EMVCo entry point, and contactless. The client application manages user experience, gets transaction amount, and other transaction-related data, and sends it to the cloud along with the card data. EMVKernel-on-the-Cloud performs EMV functionality to process the transaction. At the end of the transaction, the cloud gives control to the client application to go online for authorization and receipt printing.

Focus on your core business

POS companies may develop their own POS application depending on the market and customer requirements without worrying about the EMV side.

EMV L2 certification for the cloud is maintained by Fairbit.

EMV Level 2 kernel certification has always been a costly, time-consuming process. With Fairbit Kernel-in-the-Cloud solution, no need to worry about it anymore. As L2 kernel runs on the cloud, it eliminates repeated certification efforts for new client devices.
Following table shows how EMV L2 certification is simplified by comparing the traditional and Kernel-in-the-Cloud models :

The Kernel in the device


Which module needs to be EMV L2 certified

EMV L2 Kernel running in the device

EMV L2 Kernel running on the cloud

Does new hardware(with a new O.S) require a new certification

Full L2 kernel certification is required

It is required only for the portion of EMV L2 kernel running on the device (such as Offline PIN processing)

New EMV L2 Kernel versions

POS owner needs to renew the certification in certain periods

Fairbit renews the certification in the cloud for certain periods. The POS owner automatically gets the new version.

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