EMV Parameters on the Cloud

Maintain all EMV parameters on the cloud.


Operational efficiency by managing EMV parameters on the cloud.


Simplify payment acceptance with SoftPOS Solution

Fairbit SoftPOS solution uses the NFC interface of the mobile phone to accept the payment. EMV service can be instantly activated on the mobile phone without the burdens of hardware-based solutions. Cloud based EMV kernel application supports all EMV requirements and CVM methods, including PIN, signature, and CD CVM.R

No need to interrupt payment transaction during the parameter loading

Cloud EMV kernel solution maintains all EMV terminal parameters on the cloud, instead of the device. There is no need for pushing them to devices when a parameter is updated. There is no need to interrupt the payment transactions during the parameter loading process. If there is any field issue after the update, the process can be easily reverted back through web-based portal. The impact of parameter update can be monitored with EMV reporting service and any problem can be easily identified.

The Kernel On The Device

The EMV  Kernel-On-The-Cloud

EMV Parameters Are Managed In

The XML(JSON) File

The Cloud

Updates Take Effect In

From 1 Day To 1 Month, Requiring Regression Tests And Pushing Process To Live Devices


Who May Do The Update

Only POS Owner

Acquirers, Payfacs, Partners, ISOs, ISVs Using Web APIs

User Interface To Show EMV Details

No User Interface

Web User Interfaces To Show EMV Tags, Bits, Descriptions

EMV Parameters Can Be Updated By

Only Technical People With Deep EMV Knowledge

Anybody Having Basic EMV Understanding

Human Errors

Can’t Be Identified As XML(JSON) Files Can’t Check The Errors

Can Be Identified Easily As Web APIs Checks The Update Based On EMV Rules


All POS Terminals Need To Be Pushed In The Field

No Need For Pushing To The POS Terminals In The Field

Revert Back In Case Of Wrong Parameter Settings

No Chance To Revert Back Immediately After Pushing

It Can Be Reverted Back Immediately If Something Is Wrong

Interruption Of Payment Transaction

It May Happen If The Merchant Is Making A Transaction During The Update

It Never Happens As The Update Is Done On The Cloud.