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Fairbit SoftPOS solution makes payment acceptance easy

Fairbit SoftPOS solution is a cloud-based EMV contactless payment platform turning mobile phones into payment acceptance devices

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Excellent benefits for payment system providers and ISVs

Great opportunity to get into new merchant segments such as small business owners and on-the-go merchants for events, festivals and pop-up stalls

Merchants are able to turn their mobile phone into contactless POS terminals

Expands your business and creates flexibility for sidewalk or parking lot sales

Creates innovative brand for your POS business

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Go Beyond to Millions of Merchants

Fairbit SoftPOS solution helps you to get into the SMB merchant market by drastically reducing the cost of ownership of POS solutions. SoftPOS solution SDK enables you to integrate your POS platform easily to accept payments on Android phones.

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Get started to accept payments in minutes

Merchants can securely download the SoftPOS solution from the app store, authenticate to the platform and start accepting payment transactions. You can get starting payments in minutes. You don’t need to wait for weeks to get a hardware device installed in a merchant store

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Secure and safe transactions

Card account data is protected with the software-hardened security methods as defined in the PCI CPOC specifications. These methods ensure the security of the card number and other sensitive data. All these data are always encrypted and protected from attacks.

Fairbit SoftPOS solution has acquirer keys and sensitive data stored on the cloud unlike traditional POS devices where these keys are stored on the device. SoftPOS solution offers great opportunity to get to know fraud cases immediately thanks to EMV monitoring. EMV Level 2 kernel on the cloud is the key to address all these fraud challenges.

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Minimize Fraud Cases

Cloud architecture with EMV-Kernel-on-the-Cloud gives us more elasticity and possibilities for payment processing and fraud detections.

Fraud transactions always have been there in payment systems. Cloud based platform offers great opportunity to combat fraud. There is no way to instantly learn the hardware-based payment terminals if there has been a breach or attack because terminals report back in a limited way.

SoftPOS solution can monitor the mobile devices that are almost real-time to assure it is safe to process a transaction and suspend payment application straight away if anything is wrong. Other real-time detections like chip fraud attacks and payment app fraud attacks can be detected and prevented from anywhere globally in almost real-time. vThose bring us to the next level of security, which better than static hardware components.

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Fairbit cloud platform

With Fairbit cloud platform, the mobile phone doesn’t need to have acquirer keys, EMV Level 2 kernels, and EMV parameters. Fairbit Cloud platform simplifies the operation and maintenance of the SoftPOS solution seamlessly. Cloud technology offers great advantages by reducing the certification effort.

The kernel software resides on the mobile device to make the payment more flexible, scaling up and down to meet changes in demand, literally growing in size in seconds if necessary.

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Minimize the certification effort

Cloud technology helps to minimize the EMV Level 2 kernel certification effort. As the solution runs on the cloud, it doesn’t need to go to certification for different hardwares. Fairbit takes care of EMV certifications, so you don’t need to worry about that.

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Advanced Reporting and Monitoring

SoftPOS solution provides an online portal where you can monitor transactions and create reports. This helps you to monitor what is going on such as transaction decline trends and transaction statistics. It provides advanced transaction logs to troubleshoot field issues.


EMV Level 2 Kernel​

  • Support all major card brands: MasterCard Tap on Phone, Visa Tap to Phone, and others
  • Runs in the cloud to reduce operational overhead by eliminating the need to download into the mobile device
  • EMV level 2 certified
  • Accepts different form factors: EMV contactless cards, ApplePay, SamsungPay, and AndroidPay

Key Management

  • Enhanced security: No keys downloaded on the device
  • Software-hardened key encryption and decryption
  • End to end security with PCI P2PE

EMV Parameter Management

  • Web-based platform to define EMV parameters
  • EMV parameters are maintained on the cloud by eliminating the overhead of parameter management on the device


  • Monitor health status of devices and instantly block in case of suspicious activities

Transaction monitoring/reporting

  • EMV transaction data including APDUs, TVR, and so forth
  • Advanced filtering options to monitor transactions
  • Advanced transaction logging data to give all the details about transaction errors

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