EMV L3 Certification is a challenging process : EMV L3 test scenarios need many different payment components to satisfy scheme rules

L3 certification remains the main bottleneck for payment solution providers for a quite a while. The fact that payment platform components and scheme rules always keep changing makes the L3 certification a major blockage. By the definition of the L3 certification, different components in the payment platform becomes subject to always changing scheme rules. The components in the payment platform includes hardware, EMV L2 kernel, EMV firmware, SDK, EMV parameters, L3 application,UI, receipt, payment gateway and acquiring host. In a typical L3 test scenario there are different rules for those components to satisfy. So it is quite possible to fall into a blocking issue in one or more components.

Only testing power is not enough

Most of the L3 certification service providers put only testers to help. This is not an efficient way, it may even slow down the process. An ideal outsourced EMV L3 certification company should have following abilities :

  • EMV domain expertise : Whenever there is a failure in any L3 test, EMV experts step in, analyze the test scenario and test results to figure out what is the problem. Identifying the problem is even not enough, EMV experts should be able to access payment platform logs to figure out which component causes the problem and what is the fix to be implemented.
  • Software engineering expertise : The team should have software engineering expertise to analyze the logs from hardware and software, check the APIs and callbacks to figure out the issue.
  • Acquiring host specs : The team should know acquiring specs to figure out the issues related to the acquirer host specs.
  • Payment Scheme Rules : Payment schemes has global and regional rules such as SCA(Strong Customer Authentication) applying to Europe and U.S Common Debit AID rules applying to United States. The team should have understanding about these rules to figure out the issues due to non-supported brand rules.
  • Project Management : L3 certification is a multi party engagement project. Acquirer, payment gateway provider, POS platform provider, hardware provider, L3 test tool provider and payment schemes all include in the project. Qualified project managers play critical role to remediate issues, take actions to prevent delays, risk management and communication management .
  • Experience on different payment acceptance technologies : The team should have expertise on traditional certification of hardware devices as well as new technologies such as mPOS, Apple Tap to Pay on iPhone and Android based SoftPOS solutions.

Why Fairbit

Fairbit team has following qualifications to make your EMV L3 certification much easier :

  • 20 years of EMV expertise, including developing EMV L2 kernel, certification of many EMV L2 and L3 projects
  • Having testers in different time zones (in the United States and Turkey) based on the time zone of the customer.
  • Payment platform knowledge : The team developed many projects on EMV L2 kernel, POS application, acquiring switch and payment gateway.
  • L3 Test tool expertise : The team has experience on well known test tools such as UL BTT and ICC Solutions ICCSim.