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Fairbit changes traditional model EMV Level2 kernel runs on the cloud

This enables any device, whether it is a POS terminal, mobile phone, or a tablet to accept card-present EMV contact and contactless transactions. With EMVKernel-on-the-Cloud, the reader turns into a simple device. Read more >>

There is no need to interrupt the payment transactions during the parameter loading process.

Sometimes, the parameter update occurs just in the middle of an EMV transaction, which is a bad experience for the merchant and the customer. If there is any field issue after the update, it can be easily reverted back through web-based UIs. Read more >>

Instantly Be Aware of EMV Related Field Issues ​

Advanced EMVKernel-on-the-Cloud data elements to report every detail of an EMV transaction. The kernel-in-the-Cloud solution maintains data elements for troubleshooting and reporting, far beyond the EMV specifications. Read more >>