Accept payments with your mobile phone without POS Terminal.

SoftPOS helps you to get into SMB merchants by drastically reducing cost of ownership of POS device.

All Card Brands

Accept all popular Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover card brands that offer fast mobile transactions

All Type of Cards

Offer fast transactions anywhere with the tap of every credit, debit, and gift card

EMV Compatibility

Get an EMV-compatible SoftPOS application

PCI Compliance

Protect your data with PCI-compliant payment processing

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Merchants are able to turn their mobile phone into contactless POS terminals

Go Beyond To Millions Of More Merchants


Creates an innovative brand for your POS business

“Ready” to light up two billion devices

No POS? No problem. Accept payments with SoftPOS

In the hardware POS business, POS terminals come to the merchant’s hand already installed and in a secure way. However, for SoftPOS, merchants only need to download the app from Google Playstore


All CVM methods supported

Different markets have different CVM (cardholder verification method) requirements. While the European market mandates PIN, the U.S market doesn’t support it currently. Signature is a preferred way along with CD CVM in the U.S. SoftPOS vendor should ensure that the solution supports all CVM methods, including PIN, signature, and CD CVM


All Transaction flows supported

There is an increasing number of POS systems and applications due to the various needs of different market segments and regions. U.S market requires POS app developers to implement special application selection logic for U.S Common Debit to support domestic debit networks. On the other hand, the European market has other regulations such as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). All these requirements require modified transaction flows which SoftPOS SDK should support