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Fairbit Achieved PCI DSS Certification For SoftPOS

April 15 2021 California: Fairbit, a California-based solution provider of SoftPOS and EMV Level 2 kernel on the cloud, has announced that it has received PCI DSS certification (PCI DSS Version 3.2.1) for the “EMV Kernel-on-the-Cloud” product. PCI certification marks a significant milestone for SoftPOS as a service on the cloud.

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EMV kernel

Fairbit SoftPOS Visa Solution Is Certified For Visa Ready Tap-To-Phone

Fairbit, a California-based solution provider of SoftPOS Visa Solution and EMV Level 2 kernel on the cloud, is happy to announce that it has been granted Visa Ready Tap to Phone Level 2 certification for the “Fairbit Kernel-on-the-Cloud” product. The certification is given on a worldwide basis enabling Fairbit to offer the solution in different markets. With this certification, Fairbit achieved a significant milestone to provide a SoftPOS solution globally

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Why SoftPOS

Traditionally POS devices have always been hardware-centric. If you go 20-30 years back, you can remember the large size and heavy POS hardware devices in merchant locations with dial-up modems, lengthy power cables, and large printers.

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EMV Kernel-on-the-Cloud

How Kernel-On-The-Cloud Simplifies POS Ownership

Cloud technologies meet security requirements needed for payment transactions and offer unlimited memory and scalable processing and performance capabilities. Both of these items offer a great opportunity to eliminate the need for having a POS hardware to accept a payment from a card.

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EMV kernels
EMV Kernel-on-the-Cloud

EMV kernels with cloud technology: 28 most important questions

In recognition that new type of devices are designed such as Cloud based solution or Merchant Server Solution and therefore application kernels are split over multiple devices, EMVCo has revised its type approval testing process to accommodate Split Application Kernel test submission.

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Terminal Agnostic

How Cloud Kernel Enables A Cross-Platform Solution

Think about a merchant who wants to use various devices to take the payment. For example, merchant may want to use mobile phone, tablet, desktop PC or a stand-alone POS terminal to take payment. And merchant wants to have the same user experience across all these devices. And merchant wants to be able to monitor the transactions from a central platform regardless of which device is used to take the payment

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EMV L3 Certification

How To Have An Efficient And Smooth EMV L3 Certification Process

In today’s payment world, EMV Level 3(L3) certification is one of the most challenging and time-consuming processes for acquirers and terminal vendors. A typical L3 certification process for major brands (MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover) takes between 3 and 6 months. In this article, we will analyze the reasons making the process so challenging and time-consuming and figure out how this process can be managed more efficiently and smoothly.

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EMV troubleshooting

How To Troubleshoot EMV Field Issues Better

Although EMV technology brings a lot of advantages, one side effect with it is the increasing number of field issues and complications of management of them. The field issue means that there is something unusual during an EMV contact/contactless transaction which may potentially be the reason for a transaction decline or negative user experience. Field issues may be on a wide range, from a simple incorrect message on the terminal screen, a frozen terminal screen, card reading issues, delay in the transaction time, or frequent declines of transactions.

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