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2021 Fairbit SoftPOS Solution Platform

SoftPOS Cloud Platform API is ready to integrate any POS application for Android mobile devices which stand between minor to no risk

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Benefits For Payment System Provider and ISVs

Merchants are able to turn their mobile phone into contactless POS terminals.

Reduces hardware cost, and remove a bunch of POS volume.

Creates an innovative brand for your POS business.

SoftPOS payments are reliable and secure, so merchants can be confident that their solutions stand between minor to no risk.

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SoftPOS with EMV Kernel-on-the-Cloud security is more reliable than hardware-based POS.

There is no way to instantly learn the hardware-based payment terminals if there has been a breach or attack because terminals report back in a limited way.

SoftPOS platform can monitor the mobile devices that are almost real-time to assure it is safe to process a transaction and suspend payment application straight away if anything is wrong.

Other real-time detections are about Chip fraud attacks, and payment app fraud attacks can be detected from anywhere globally and ended in their process, again in almost real-time.

Those bring us to the next level of security, which better than static hardware components.

Cloud architecture, even EMV-Kernel-on-the-Cloud, gives us more elasticity and possibilities for payment processing and fraud detections.

The kernel software resides on the mobile device to make the payment more flexible, scaling up and down to meet changes in demand, literally growing in size in seconds if necessary.

SoftPOS with EMV-kernel-on-the-Cloud that is built on a framework of security and flexibility will combat fraud.

Any fraudulent or illegal transaction has always been there. The cloud-based software platform is the key to many modern challenges, and we are focusing on security as we improve.

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