SoftPOS makes payment acceptance easy

SoftPOS is a cloud-based EMV and contactless payment platform turning your mobile phone to a POS device.

SoftPOS solution includes different modules

Merchants can securely download the SoftPOS app from App Store, authenticate to the platform and start accepting payment transactions. You can get starting payments in minutes. You don’t need to wait for weeks to get a hardware device installed in a merchant store

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Secure and Safe Transactions

Card account data is protected with the software-hardened security methods as defined in the PCI CPOC specifications. These methods ensure the security of the card number and other sensitive data. All these data are always encrypted and protected from attacks.

SoftPOS solution includes different modules:

  • EMV Level 2 kernels.
  • Key management,
  • EMV parameter management.
  • Attestation/monitoring.
  • Transaction monitoring/reporting modules.
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Minimize the Certification Effort.

Cloud technology helps to minimize the EMV Level 2 kernel certification effort. Fairbit takes care of EMV certifications, so you don’t need to worry about that.

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Key Management

With the Fairbit Cloud technology, acquirer keys are managed on the cloud. The platform is hosted in a PCI-DSS certified server where all the account data is protected.

Acquirer keys are stored on the cloud which provides better security and eliminates the need for the operational overhead of the key injection process.

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Cloud technology

With Fairbit cloud platform, the mobile phone doesn’t need to have acquirer keys, EMV Level 2 kernels, and EMV parameters. Fairbit Cloud platform simplifies the operation and maintenance of the solution seamlessly. Cloud technology offers great advantages by reducing the certification effort to a minimum.

Advanced Reporting and Monitoring

The solution provides an online portal where you can monitor transactions and create reports. This helps you to monitor what is going on such as transaction decline trends and transaction statistics. It gives advanced transaction logs to troubleshoot field issues.
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