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February 25, 2022 Fairbit, a California-based SoftPOS Solution provider, is happy to announce that it received Mastercard Tap on Phone EMV Level 2 certification for the “Fairbit Kernel-on-the-Cloud” product. With this certification, Fairbit achieved another significant milestone to enable the company to offer the best technology to its customers. Fairbit’s Mastercard certified SoftPOS solution enables […]

SoftPOS iOS, Does it Mark Beginning of a New Era

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SoftPOS technology has growth fairly slow since its initial launch . One of the biggest challenges to the widespread adoption of software point of sale (SoftPOS), was that up until now, it was not supported by iOS operating systems. However, Apple’s recent announcement on SoftPOS iOS will potentially be a major milestone for the market […]

SoftPOS vs mPOS: 9 Advantage of SoftPOS for Your Business

SoftPOS vs mPOS

Are you looking for a new POS solution? Do you know SoftPOS vs mPOS, which one is the best? Do you know you can provide better mobile checkouts and superior customer service with SoftPOS app? Do you know you won’t have problems(i.e battery and security issues) with mPOS solutions when using SoftPOS solution? Last but […]

SoftPOS : Most Important 87 Questions


Merchant-focused FAQs What is SoftPOS? SoftPOS is a technology enabling mobile phones and any connected NFC-enabled device to accept card-present EMV contactless payment transactions. Why SoftPOS? SoftPOS is quick, simple, and secure. It’s an ideal payment method for customers when they just need to pay and go. As a merchant, you can transform any enabled […]

17 Key Factors For Effective Choosing SoftPOS Vendor

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In this article, we will identify critical factors to consider when implementing a SoftPOS app. The first step to consider is SoftPOS vendor selection. SoftPOS is a new technology and there are not many SoftPOS vendors in the market. It is of utmost importance to understand the capabilities of the SoftPOS solution

Why SoftPOS

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Traditionally POS devices have always been hardware-centric. If you go 20-30 years back, you can remember the large size and heavy POS hardware devices in merchant locations with dial-up modems, lengthy power cables, and large printers.

Are There Any Obstacles To Accept Payments On Mobile Phones

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So far, there have been 2 main obstacles for smartphones to accept card-present payment transactions in retail locations :

1. Security on the PIN entry on the phone

2. The necessity for additional hardware to read EMV chip transactions.