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SoftPOS : Most Important 87 Questions

Merchant-focused FAQs What is SoftPOS? SoftPOS is a technology enabling mobile phones and any connected NFC-enabled device to accept card-present EMV contactless payment transactions. Why

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17 Key Factors For Effective Choosing SoftPOS Vendor

In this article, we will identify critical factors to consider when implementing a SoftPOS app. The first step to consider is SoftPOS vendor selection. SoftPOS is a new technology and there are not many SoftPOS vendors in the market. It is of utmost importance to understand the capabilities of the SoftPOS solution

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Why SoftPOS

Traditionally POS devices have always been hardware-centric. If you go 20-30 years back, you can remember the large size and heavy POS hardware devices in merchant locations with dial-up modems, lengthy power cables, and large printers.

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